The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

December 2, 2021

The results of teeth whitening are excellent when you obtain the treatment from a qualified dental professional. We understand you may come across a slew of bleaching products in the neighborhood drugstore.


Some products even work well so long as you are diligent with their use. However, differences exist between teeth whitening using products from drugstores and getting teeth whitening near you from a qualified dental professional.


If your teeth have discolored from the results of having too many pigmented foods and beverages, smoking, and other issues like medications, infections, or injuries, you will likely not benefit from over-the-counter teeth whitening products.


Furthermore, if you desire instant results from the whitening treatment, you can achieve your goal if you approach Blush Dental Orthodontics and Implants for the whitening treatment instead of wasting time and money on unreliable products that can potentially harm your teeth and gums without delivering the results desired.


Why Must You Consider Professional Teeth Whitening?


Evenly Whitened Teeth Is Guaranteed by Professional Teeth Whitening


Professional teeth whitening in Houston,TX, delivers personalized treatments created explicitly for you, unlike over-the-counter products offering a generic fit.


It indicates that when you buy products from a drugstore and return home, you may find the teeth tray fitting incorrectly or not at all. In addition, the teeth whitening treatments available from drugstores are not customized and will likely provide uneven results to give you a smile with different shades.


You do not have to endure unnecessary stress when you want to have your teeth whitened instantly. Instead, the dentist in Houston creates a teeth bleaching solution customized for your unique needs.


For example, if the dentist recommends at-home teeth whitening trays, the appliances are custom-designed for you taking impressions of your teeth, providing whitening gel, and instructions on how and when to use the trays for effective results.


Stubborn Stains Removal Is Best Performed by Professionals


If you have stains on your teeth developing over several years or discoloration going deep into your enamel from fluorosis or tetracycline, the discoloration is challenging to remove. They are best dealt with by professional teeth whitening treatments.


Unfortunately, whitening solutions from drugstores contain merely six percent hydrogen peroxide, insufficient for stubborn stain removal. Therefore you must consider professional teeth whitening if you have deeply stained teeth.


Professional Teeth Whitening Delivers Results in One Hour


DIY teeth whitening requires several weeks before you notice any improvement in the shades of your teeth. On the contrary, dentists whitening your teeth will bleach them to deliver results in an hour. The results from the process provide perfect white teeth.


Professional Teeth Whitening Is Better for Your Dental Health


Before proceeding with the teeth whitening treatment, the Houston dentist examines your teeth and gums to detect any issues affecting them. If the dentist discovers tooth decay or gum disease, they recommend you have the conditions treated before you get your teeth whitened.


It indicates that you get a dental checkup before you can whiten your teeth. Dentists ensure they protect the soft tissues of your mouth from exposure to the corrosive bleaching ingredients to prevent sensitivity and irritated gums.


Over-the-counter products offer you no preventive measures to safeguard the soft tissues leaving you prone to more harm than any good with the treatment.


You Receive a Professional Opinion from Your Dentist before Teeth Whitening


Not everyone is suitable for teeth whitening treatment. Dentists having comprehensive knowledge about your dental anatomy will advise whether or not teeth whitening is an option ideal for you.


For example, if you have undergone root canal therapy leaving you with a discolored tooth, the dentist recommends covering the tooth with a dental crown instead of trying to whiten it. In such cases, if you try using products from drugstores, you will never achieve the results you desire because you are trying to whiten a dead tooth.


If you want your teeth whitened, you have various options available from drugstores and supermarkets. However, if you want instant results, the sole option available is from dentists providing professional teeth whitening.


Dentists providing professional teeth whitening undoubtedly charge higher prices, offering you a therapy delivering safe, effective, and instant results.


On the other hand, low-cost, over-the-counter products promise a lot but provide minimal effects with problems associated with sending you back to the dentist seeking treatment for tooth sensitivity or gum irritation.