These 8 Benefits of Dental Implants Will Make You Want to Book Your Consultation at Blush Dental

These 8 Benefits of Dental Implants Will Make You Want to Book Your Consultation at Blush Dental

November 10, 2021

We know — finding dental implants near you is no breeze. But, if you decide to get dental implants, Blush Dental will make your trip within Houston, TX, 100% worth it.

Despite advances in dental treatment, millions of Americans experience tooth loss, most of which is caused by dental caries, gum disease, or accidents.

Bridges and dentures were the only treatment options available for patients with missing teeth for many years. The painless and affordable technique of placing dental implants is now a global standard preferred worldwide by both patients and dentists.

Dental implants are used for much more than just replacing lost teeth. Implants are the greatest solution for revamping the appearance, sensation, and function of permanent teeth. Implants can aid in the maintenance and strengthening of bone structure, let patients chew nutritious foods, and give patients the courage to smile. They also assist in retaining bone structure, which protects the remaining natural teeth.

When a tooth is lost, numerous things begin to happen that are not immediately apparent to the patient but can have a substantial detrimental impact on both health and looks. Tooth roots not only hold teeth in place, but they are also important in preserving the health of the surrounding gums and bone structures.

One important issue that normally arises when a tooth is lost is bone loss in the jawbone. This bone loss can jeopardize the strength of surrounding tooth roots and dental stability while also being a major contributor to the ‘sunken’ facial expression in people who have lost some or all of their teeth.

Dental implantation can stimulate bone development in the area around the implant, which reinforces the bone and adds support, and reduces the sunken appearance that can result from bone loss in the jaw.

Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. They are constructed of titanium and are meant to endure a long period, if not a lifetime. Implants are the most popular technique for long-term durability and functioning in replacing naturally missing teeth. They can stop or even reverse bone loss in the jaw and restore nearly all previous biting strength.

Dental implants, like any other dental surgery, are not for everyone. Before we begin, we will evaluate your current dental and physical health. Those with underlying health issues, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, should get those under control before undergoing oral surgery. Those who require additional dental treatment, such as fillings or root canals, should get those done first.

Dental implants provide several advantages:

  • Enhanced looks: Dental implants look and feel just like your natural teeth. They are also permanent because they are designed to fuse with the bone.
  • Improved speech: Teeth might shift within the mouth with ill-fitting dentures, leading you to mumble or slur your speech. Dental implants allow you to talk without fear of your teeth slipping.
  • Comfort: Implants alleviate the discomfort associated with removable dentures since they become a part of you.
  • Easy chewing: Chewing can be challenging with sliding dentures. Dental implants operate in the same way as your natural teeth, allowing you to consume your favorite foods with confidence and without pain.
  • Self-esteem: Dental implants might help you regain your smile and feel better about yourself.
  • Better dental health: Dental implants, unlike tooth-supported bridges, do not necessitate the reduction of neighboring teeth. Because adjacent teeth are not changed to support the implant, more of your natural teeth are preserved, resulting in better long-term dental health. Individual implants also make it easier to clean between teeth, which improves dental hygiene.
    Durability: Implants are extremely long-lasting and will last for years. Many implants can last a lifetime if properly cared for.
  • Convenience: Dental implants reduce the embarrassment of removing dentures and the discomfort of applying adhesives.

Anyone healthy enough to have a normal dental extraction or oral surgery will normally be eligible for a dental implant. Patients must have healthy gums and sufficient bone to support the implant. They must also be committed to maintaining proper oral hygiene and seeing the dentist regularly.

Heavy smokers, persons with uncontrolled chronic diseases such as diabetes or heart disease, and patients who have undergone radiation therapy to the head/neck area should be examined on an individual basis. If you’re thinking about getting implants, there’s always a kind professional here at Blush Dental waiting to determine if they’re suitable for you.