Dental Bridges in Braeburn, Houston, TX

Many people who have missing teeth are too embarrassed to smile or laugh. If they do, they may try to hide their reactions to greetings or jokes behind their hands. Dr. Rashmi Poreddy at Blush Dental can end people’s embarrassment by replacing missing teeth with dental bridges.

Benefits of Getting a Bridge?

Replacing teeth with dental bridges in Houston, TX has many benefits for patients, including those below.

Keeps Remaining Teeth Healthy

Your teeth support each other to remain standing in your gums. If you lose a tooth, it can no longer hold up the other teeth surrounding it, and they will begin to drift toward the empty socket. Eventually, they can loosen to the point that they will lean over. By replacing your tooth with a bridge, it supports your teeth to keep them standing and healthy.

Enjoy Favorite Foods

Depending on the location of the tooth you lose, you may need to give up eating hard foods. However, if you replace the tooth with a bridge, then you can resume eating nuts, apples, granola bars, or any other hard foods that you love. Our dentist in Houston, TX will inform you when to go back to eating your regular diet, including your favorite foods.

Stay Looking Younger and Healthy

When you lose teeth, your face will eventually start to look older because your cheeks will cave in. Your cheeks get support from the jawbones and teeth, and when you lose teeth, the bones will start to shrink.

Your teeth stimulate bones to grow, so without stimulation, the bones cannot maintain their density. As your bone shrinks, your cheeks will lose their support and cave inward, which can make you look older. However, bridges can stimulate bone growth as well, maintaining a more youthful appearance.

Maintain Speech Patterns

If you lose more than one tooth, then you might notice that your speech can change slightly. You may develop a slight whistle or breathy sounds. If our dentist near you replaces missing teeth with a bridge, it will restore your speech so that it sounds clear again.

If you have missing teeth, book an appointment with Dr. Rashmi Poreddy to evaluate and make recommendations for bridges near you at Blush Dental.