Dental Crowns in Braeburn, Houston, TX

Do you need a beautiful smile for your job, but you’ve recently had a tooth break because of an accident? Don’t panic because Dr. Rashmi Poreddy at Blush Dental can fix your tooth and make it flawless again. They can place a crown over it to repair its structure and appearance.

What are Dental Crowns?

Crowns, which are also known as caps, go onto teeth that need strengthening to keep from fracturing when chewing food or talking. They also go onto teeth after root canals, bridges to support fake teeth or pontics, or cover misshapen teeth. Depending on where they are in your mouth will help determine the material needed for a crown.

For instance, if a tooth at the back of your mouth needs a cap, then it may contain durable materials like:

  • Metal alloys
  • Stainless steel
  • Porcelain fused with metal

The back teeth, molars, and premolars need strength to withstand the biting and chewing forces of these teeth. Teeth along the side or at the front of your mouth can consist of softer materials because they don’t do as much chewing as the back ones. They may contain:

  • Porcelain or ceramic
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Composite resin

Although gold and silver are metals, they are softer than alloys or steel, so they may not go in the back of the mouth.

Sizing Your Crown

Crowns in Houston, TX, much like other dental prosthetics, are customized for each patient. Our dentist near you will size your crown by taking an impression of it. They will either use a mold to replicate your tooth or a digital image to send in with its order.

While waiting for the cap to arrive at their office, our dentist will prepare your tooth to receive it. They will file down any sharp edges, remove disease damage, or trim both sides of the tooth for the crown so that it fits snuggly. To ensure that a crown stays put, our dentist in Houston, TX will use composite resin to attach it.

If you need crowns near you to improve your teeth’s appearance, book an appointment with Dr. Rashmi Poreddy at Blush Dental for an award-winning smile.