Fillings in Houston, TX

Thanks to dental technology, many preventives, and better oral hygiene, cavities are not as prevalent as they were once. However, they have not disappeared because kids and adults can still get them. Also, dental technology has given dentists better fillings too.

Varieties of Tooth Fillings

As dentistry evolved due to technology, there has been an increase in the types of fillings that Dr. Rashmi Poreddy can use in their practice. The types of fillings our dentist at Blush Dental selects depend on the location of the cavity.

For example, a cavity in one of your molars will require filling the tooth with durable material. However, a cavity in a front tooth allows for a softer, tooth-colored filling. The filling materials our dentist near you can choose from includes:

  • Silver amalgam
  • Metals
  • Zirconia
  • Composite resin
  • Glass ionomer
  • Ceramic

Due to having metals like copper and zinc in it, amalgam is used in molars and premolars, as are metals and Zirconia. Ceramic, composite resin, and glass ionomer go into teeth toward or at the front of the mouth. Our dentist can make them white or tooth-colored as well.

Metal fillings in Houston, TX include precious metals like gold and silver and non-precious metals like stainless steel and metal alloys.

Why is a Filling Necessary?

When a tooth gets a cavity, it means the enamel has a hole in it caused by dental decay. As the cavity gets deeper, you will usually feel a sting of discomfort from cold or hot foods and drinks. The pain is a warning about the damage to your tooth.

When our dentist examines your tooth, they will enlarge the hole getting the decay out of it, sanitize it to kill the bacteria, and choose a material to fill the cavity. Cavity fillings in Houston, TX, help to stop the spread of decay if any of the bacteria are still active after sanitizing the tooth.

If you notice discomfort while brushing your teeth or drinking your hot coffee, call Dr. Rashmi Poreddy at Blush Dental to book an appointment to have your teeth examined and fillings near you placed into your teeth.

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