Emergency Dentistry in Braeburn, Houston, TX

Emergencies can happen anywhere at any time. You might be enjoying lunch with co-workers and bite on something hard and break a tooth or lose a filling. If that happens, you shouldn’t wait, but call our emergency dentistry to find out when our dentist can treat your tooth. However, before interrupting your workday, are you sure your dental problem is an emergency?

Identifying Dental Emergencies

Although a tooth may hurt or bleed if you get hit in the mouth by a ball, it isn’t automatically a dental emergency. By recognizing when to go to emergency dentistry in Houston, TX, you can save time and money. True dental emergencies usually have these symptoms:

  • Bleeding that doesn’t stop after applying pressure
  • Intense pain that doesn’t subside after taking a pain reliever
  • Swelling on your gum with a white or yellowish color
  • Knocked out tooth
  • Missing filling
  • Loose teeth

Your dental issue only needs to fit one of these criteria for you to contact our emergency dentistry near you to determine when you’ll be able to get treatment. It is always better to contact the dentist’s office first to find out approximately when you can see them. Otherwise, you could wait for hours in a lobby.

What to do During Emergencies

If you or someone in your family is waiting to go to our emergency dentist near you, there are some things you can do while waiting.

Use Ice for Pain Relief

Holding ice to the injury often acts as a pain reliever for your mouth and helps to reduce swelling.

Pick Up the Pieces

Carefully pick up any pieces of your knocked-out or broken tooth that you find. Our dentist in Houston, TX may be able to reattach the pieces to repair your tooth.

Reinsert Tooth

Doing this may not feel pleasant, but if an entire tooth gets knocked out of your mouth and the root is intact, try reinserting it into the socket after you carefully rinse it off.

If you have a dental accident during the day and the injury meets the criteria of an emergency, call our emergency dentistry at Blush Dental to find out when you should go in for treatment to fix your smile.