Oral Cancer Screenings in Braeburn, Houston, TX

Along with the teeth and gums, dentists study the anatomy of the head, neck, and diseases that affect them. When they examine your teeth and gums during a routine examination, our dentist looks for signs of those diseases, especially oral cancers. Oral cancer screenings at Blush Dental take place to find these cancers as soon as possible so that they can treat and cure them.

What is Oral Cancer?

Defining oral cancer isn’t easy because it isn’t one type of cancer. Four types of oral cells can become malignant, and several types of benign tumors also fit under this category. Also, the location of the tumors or cells gets identified as types of cancers as well. They can present differently and require unique treatments.

In short, oral cancer is found in the mouth, whether that’s on the tongue, lips, cheeks, or palate. Our dentist in Houston, TX, Dr. Rashmi Poreddy, does a screening to look for cancer symptoms because treatments can be successful if they find it as early as possible.

Screening for Signs of Cancer

Some of the signs of oral cancer our dentist looks for are:

  • Slow to heal mouth or lip sores
  • Red or white sores in the mouth
  • A growth or hard lump on a cheek, tongue, or in the mouth
  • Feels like something stuck in the throat
  • Looser teeth

Our dentist near you will use their gloved fingers to check the outside of your neck for lumps on the back and throat area. They may also use an intraoral camera to search your mouth, especially at the back, where it may be too dark to see.

They are looking for dark spots that can appear at the back of the tongue or opening of the throat. They may also feel for lumps and suspicious growths in the mouth by probing your tongue or cheeks, especially if they see something that looks abnormal.

If you spot or have any of these symptoms, call Dr. Rashmi Poreddy at Blush Dental to book an examination. Oral cancer screenings in Houston, TX can save lives by finding oral cancer early so that treatments can start right away.