Partials and Full Dentures in Braeburn, Houston, TX

Due to disease or accidents, many people have missing teeth. Sometimes they have them missing on the same jaw but on different sides of their mouth. To replace these teeth, Dr. Rashmi Poreddy at Blush Dental may recommend partials and full dentures.

Why Do Teeth Need Replacing?

It’s vital for the health of your mouth to replace teeth after extraction or that are knocked out or broken after trauma. Unfortunately, due to economic considerations, some people do not replace teeth, and they end up with worsening dental issues.

When you don’t replace missing teeth, the surrounding healthy teeth will start to lean toward the empty socket. They lean because they no longer have the support of the missing tooth. Eventually, the healthy teeth will loosen and tilt in place or fall out.

Choosing Between a Partial or Full Dentures

Fortunately, our dentist in Houston, TX can evaluate your teeth and help you choose between partials and full dentures near you. If you’re missing several teeth on both jaws, then they may recommend extracting the rest of your teeth to get dentures.

However, if your teeth are only missing on one jaw, then a partial may be your best option. Some partials can replace all your teeth on a jaw, known as an arch, or just a few teeth.

Types of Partials

Since there can be several combinations of missing teeth along a jaw, our dentist near you can recommend a partial replacement to replace them. The different partials they consider are:

  • Cast Metal Removable Partial – This partial consists of realistic-looking replacement teeth attached to a cast metal frame. It can replace missing teeth on the same jaw but on different sides or those missing on the same side, in a row or not.
  • Acrylic Removal Partial – This partial is also known as a flipper. It looks like half a set of dentures. Like the cast metal partial, it’s removable so that it’s easier to clean.
  • Flexible Partial – This partial consists of a thinner heat-sensitive material that is more comfortable for many people, including those with allergies to metal or acrylic.

If you want to replace your missing teeth, book an appointment with Dr. Rashmi Poreddy at Blush Dental to discuss partials and full dentures in Houston, TX.